Ep. 10 - The End… OR IS IT???

March 6, 2017

After building much anticipation and mystery, Blake and Logan -- with the return of special guest-host Adam Spangler -- bring you the final episode of The Young Pod. Or is it???


Ep. 9 - True Vatican Detective

February 23, 2017

Gutierrez is on the case, but will he be able to navigate the sea of morbidly obese shut-ins and wig-wearing ice skaters to track down a certain tennis-loving pedophile? After a brief hiatus Blake and Logan are back to finally discuss the PENULTIMATE episode of The Young Pope.


Ep. 8 - Full-Contact Stretching

February 10, 2017

Hijinks ensue when the gang visits an anonymous African country and some rifle-toting nuns. But what happened to all the roller-skating children? Also, a moment of silence for those we've lost as Logan and Blake break down Episode 8 of The Young Pope.


Ep. 7 - The Bare-Assed Contessa

February 9, 2017

Andrew is a hot mess, Sister Mary pulls the ol' switcheroo, and Lenny smells his mom (twice!) as Logan and Blake dissect an extraordinarily messed up episode of The Young Pope.


Ep. 6 - Battle of the Big Dogs

February 4, 2017

Andrew gets it on, Ester has her baby, and Lenny goes head to head with the Italian Prime Minister as Logan and Blake discuss the Sixth Episode of The Young Pope


Ep. 5 - The Pope Is Back In Town

February 1, 2017

God moves above a tire repair shop, Lenny and Andrew go buy some smokes, and oh yeah -- IT'S MOTHERF*CKING PAPAL TIARA TIME as Logan and Blake dissect the fifth episode of The Young Pope.


Ep. 4 - Papal Blue Balls

January 28, 2017

Ester makes a move on Lenny, guest co-host Adam Spangler insults the entire nation of Greenland, and The Young Pod has its first Great Schism as we discuss Episode 4 of The Young Pope.


Ep. 3 - Papal Dream Sequence

January 25, 2017

Will Cardinal Voiello survive his clash with Lenny? Is that Swiss Guardsman's wife a closet freak? And where the hell is the papal tiara? Join Logan and guest host Adam Spangler as they discuss Episode 3 of The Young Pope, and finally answer the big question of whether this pope f*cks.


Ep. 2 - The Banksy Pope

January 18, 2017

Pope Lenny goes full-on Trump in his first homily as Logan and Blake make their way through the second episode of The Young Pope


Ep. 1 - Quite a Lot of Pope Ass

January 16, 2017

Join Logan and Blake as we journey through the first episode of HBO's The Young Pope.